Posted by Rope on May 26, 2009

Scarlett and Pete Yorn’s first single from their Break Up album, ‘Relator’, is now available on iTunes, if you want you can buy it here*!

Also the cover of the single has been released and it has a really cool new photo of Scarlett and Pete. I’ll be adding the bigger version of it to the Scarlett-Photos gallery, but for now, enjoy this little preview.

One Response to “‘Relator’ now available on iTunes!”

Love how Scarlett’s really involved in the process of releasing this album. At first I was afraid that it was just someone’s idea to release some shelved album – since it’s close to 3 years that it’s been recorded. But I love this up-to-date pic and also Scarlett’s MySpace was updated :) Been listening a lot to the short version of the single on the official site. IMO this song is much better suited to Scarlett’s voice, it really sounds great. Buying the full song from ITunes as soon as I can afford it…

May 26, 2009 at 23:22


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