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For the a new remake of Frankenstein, they want Bride Zilla to be played by someone “along the lines of Scarlett Johansson”. The role was originally played by Elsa Lanchester. What do you guys think? Is this a role you’d like to see Scarlett play?

“The Bride of Frankenstein will be young this time. They’re looking for a person with great power and sex appeal. Someone along the lines of Scarlett Johansson or Anne Hathaway.”
The wild-haired bride was originally played by English actress Elsa Lanchester.
The film follows on from ‘Frankenstein’ – which sees Dr. Frankenstein bring a ‘human’ to life from separate body parts – and sees the doctor create a partner for the monster.


6 Comments to "Scarlett Considered For Bride Zilla In New Remake?"
  1. HouseholdTowel says:

    But according to Scarlett’s publicist, Marcel Pariseau, it’s not true. At least, not yet. He told the Dish Rag, “She has not been approached for this project. If anything changes, I’ll let you know.”


  2. Lisa says:

    Yep, but this could still be interesting to discuss :) Scarlett news is a little slow right now with no films being released this year. Without getting into gossipy posts, something like this can fun to talk about ;-)

  3. Rob says:

    i would watch that movie!

  4. Greg says:

    I would watch anything that Scarlet is attached to.. Frankenstein movies have been made a remade. I remember watching The Bride (1985) as a child and it was a nice little flick but they missed a real opportunity. With the right budget and better character development this thing could be a hit..

  5. tony says:

    @Greg that movie was basic.. Frankenstein is for children it has no real potential..

  6. Marty says:

    Please sounds like a rental…

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