Jul 16th, 2009

The folks over at EW have given us a better glimpse of the upcoming cover and feature in the new issue which should be on newsstands Friday.  So what do you all think of Scarlett as Black Widow?  I’m loving the color of her hair but I’m not so impressed with how it’s styled.  I’m hoping it will look more natural in the movie.  Feel free to leave your comments below :)

– Movies: Iron Man 2 > Promotional Photoshoot

9 Comments on “Better quality look at Entertainment Weekly

  1. Rob

    SWEET!!! Can’t wait! Need…more…photos….

  2. Shelly

    I like it. She looks so different, but beautiful, too. Is there a special reason why you don’t upload photoshoot pics anymore?

  3. Eric

    I love it. She looks so beautiful in character – with me being a male that means she looks HOT! Can’t wait to see more pictures and the movie.

  4. Bellower

    HI-RES cover!!! check it out!

    enjoy! bellower!

  5. Jess

    Amazing hair colour!

  6. Frost

    I’m brazilian guy and admire you so much!
    That’s an actress! A real one!
    You’re fantastic Scarlett!
    I’m anxious to watch Iron Man 2 just because You are there!


  7. Bellower

    I’ve fixed the link for the better Hii-res cover picture



  8. Lisa

    @Bellower Thank you for the link :love:

    @Eric Agreed, she does look hot.

    @Jess I totally love the color, it’s the styling that’s a little meh for me.

  9. Bellower

    Yahoo! Movies has debuted this new photo of Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff.



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