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It’s been a really slow week for Scarlett news that didn’t reek of tabloid rumors and gossip.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I am putting together a couple treats which should be up soon.  Today though, I’d like to see where all the visitors stand on the video archive.  I know it’s in serious need of updating but before I put hours and hours of work into the current one, I want to hear some opinions.  There are basically three choices:

  • Keep the video archive as is and add to it.
  • Create a streaming video site (like YouTube) where visitors would also be allowed to join and upload videos.
  • Don’t care, just get to updating the videos already!

Unfortunately, there is no “have both” option.  For space and bandwidth reasons my host doesn’t allow it.  Feel free to leave a comment with your vote, thoughts, ideas, etc.

edit: For those that are interested in how a streaming version would be set up, visit the media archive at my Amy Adams site. If streaming media is what happens here, it would be similar to that.

20 Comments to "Informal poll: video archives"
  1. Jesse says:

    I say change to a streaming site so that everyone can update the videos which would be less work for staff and easier to navigate / use.

  2. Katie says:

    i’m for streaming video site

  3. Frank says:

    Streaming sounds good then users can upload their videos, Non-promotional / paparazzi.

  4. Boo101 says:

    I would be happy as it is now. But depends what kind of streaming site. Creating a community on some already existing service, “like Youtube”? Copyrights might become an issue in some of the more popular sites.

  5. Lisa says:

    The appeal of less work for me due to the fact that users can register and upload is quite tempting. I do realize though that people rather enjoy being able to download the clips. This is why I wanted to hear opinions on this – to see how the visitors feel.

    @B00101 My host provides hostees with access to make our own streaming media site. It would be part of the network here (maybe even with its own domain like the gallery). My Amy Adams site just opened its media archive and the one here would work the same way.

  6. Riikka says:

    I definitely vote for streaming media, preferably vShare. Speaking of, I still have that one Scarlett media domain, which I’d be happy to give you. Email me if you have use for it. ;-)

  7. Marty says:

    I’d have to go with the third option, no offence.

  8. Peter says:

    I like the archive as is.. I was having some audio problems before but that seems to have been fixed.

  9. Paul says:

    I’m with Marty..

  10. H says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep the video archive as is and add to it. I absolutely adore that I can download the videos!

  11. B00101 says:

    @Lisa: ok, I checked that. That looks good. Definitely option #2 then. :)

  12. Dann says:

    I vote to keep it as is. I’m not a big fan of streaming video.

  13. Roby says:

    I like the second option. ;-)

  14. Bruce says:

    A fresh and new look will be good, but please address the copyright issue.. also, are users able to download files?

  15. Bruce says:

    The volume keeps cutting in and out…

  16. Lisa says:

    @Bruce The copyright issue doesn’t change if we switch to streaming video. If someone wants us to remove a video for copyright violation, they will ask us to remove it – streaming or not. And if the site does go streaming, you can’t download the videos.

  17. Peter says:

    @Bruce same thing happen to me check the speakers.. I had to get mine fixed.

  18. Bruce says:

    @Lisa If that’s the case I say just add to the existing archive.. have you ever considered adding a chat application?

  19. ScarlettSkies says:

    I’d like to keep it as it is. Streaming can be a pain for people who have a slow connection and even without that, I’ve seen it working not so well on other sites. Besides, I like being able to download the videos, particularly if I want to put some on my iPod and also if I want to make music videos.

  20. Please says:

    Please keep the site as is. This is the only Scarlett site that lets you download and that’s why I keep coming back.

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