Posted by Lisa on August 10, 2009

I’m ready to start adding the little treats I’ve been gathering!  First up is 16 new HQ images from back in 2005 when Scarlett made an appearance at the 62nd annual Golden Globes.

– Public Events: Events in 2005 > 62nd Annual Golden Globe Awards

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I love these pictures, they really capture her classic beauty.

Oh and a little off the subject!
But this is a question to Lisa,
A while a go I glanced over a picture of Scarlett with Ewan Mcgregor, it was from the 2005, London, Island Premier… but it was actually from the after party instead of the actual premier itself.
I was wonderng if you had any of these pictures? Or if you knew where I could see them? She’s wearing a beautiful light-ish brow mid-length dress (or so I remember). I’d love to see a couple more pictures, they looked wonderful!

Also I’ve created quite a few Scarlett animated gifs, I know you have some sort of gif like images but they are rather small.
If you’d like any of the ones I’ve created, email me.

> Mango shoot
> The Island
> The Prestige
> Elle shoot
> He’s just not that into you

Are some of the films/footages I’ve created gifs from.

August 12, 2009 at 16:26


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