Aug 13th, 2009

The full length video for ‘Relator’, the first single off of Scarlett’s upcoming album of duets with Pete Yorn, has debuted today at Yahoo music.  You can click here to view it or just stay on the site and view it after the cut.  I’ll be attempting to search out a better quality version before making screencaps but I’m hoping to have something up later today.

13 Comments on “‘Relator’ video released

  1. matt

    The girl is not a singer and now she tries to imitate a southern belle trying to sing..Scarlett,you are not Nora Jones or Celine Dion so please don’t sing anymore.The way you sing is an embarassment and you will soon overshadow what acting skills you have left with this nonsense of trying to sing when you cannot! Its repulsive!!!

  2. Andrew

    Agreed her vocals are off pitch.. She needs to focus on her real talent and work on improving her craft..

  3. Mariela

    LOL @ MJx…. ‘Relator’ was recorded BEFORE ‘Anywhere I Lay My Head’….

    just saying.

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