Aug 18th, 2009

Scarlett Johansson is definitely Dolce & Gabbana’s muse these days. The famous actress has recently become the face of their cosmetics products, and now she also stars in the campaign presenting D&G’s new perfume.

Rose The One is the sister fragrance to The One. After three years on the market, The One has evolved with new hints of red grape, mandarin, lychee, peony and vanilla.

The perfume is to go on sale in September.


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3 Comments on “Scarlett does D&G perfume

  1. Phil In Reno

    I know I am stating the obvious here, but I have to say it, Scarlett Johansson is a BEAUTIFUL woman. :razz:

  2. Tinker Bell

    Here is the final add. I like this picture much more than the first one. Scarlett looks so beautiful in it!

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