Sep 4th, 2009

My apologies to everyone but we’re having technical difficulties with the gallery.  I’ve contacted my host about it so hopefully the issue will be fixed soon.

5 Comments on “Gallery issues

  1. Mia

    Yay! Got my SJ & Pete Yorn duet CD on Thursday! It seems it got an earlier release in Europe… Loving it a lot and listeing to it over & over. It’s a lovely album!

  2. lucy

    hey, i really wanted to join the gallery but i’m unable to. is there anything i can do?

  3. :)

    Just a heads up that on the left of your page just below where it says “Latest Images.” Theres just a bunch of codes. Its looks really untidy, and ruins the site.

  4. Lisa

    Looking into the issue with the sidebar now :)

  5. LeOnHaRt

    Please take back the gallery! :o She wal the most complete and serious around the web! :sad: I really miss scarlett!

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