Jan 27th, 2010

The complete stunning set of Mango’s Summer 2010 HQ promo pics has been added to the gallery. Personally it’s my fave Mango campaign with Scarlett, don’t you think she looks gorgeous? I adored it.

– Other Projects: Modeling: Mango > 2010 Spring/Summer campaign

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it asks for a password…


These would be my favorite, too; if the album wasn’t password protected… :sad:


yeah she looks amazing in this
too bad …album is password protected :sad:


As much as I love Coppermine as a gallery program, it does have its issues. One of them being that it likes to occassionally put passwords on albums we don’t want it to lol. The problem with this one has been fixed so the photos should be viewable by all. I’m sure it will happen again though so be sure to let us know if you are ever asked for a password to view an album.

:shock: My goodness :shock: she looks lovely. What does Mango sell? It is not exactly clear in these pics. I will be making wallpapers out of these pics soon and submitting them to Lisa for approval. :mrgreen:

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