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Scarlett attended a benefit luncheon and I’ve added a few medium quality and high quality images to the gallery.

– Public Events 2010 > 61st Annual New Dramatist’s Benefit Luncheon

3 Comments to "61st Annual New Dramatist’s Benefit Luncheon"
  1. Marty. says:

    Hey Holly,
    I figured I’d post a comment here instead of sending you a ‘personal’ email. I see this site has had quite a few owners, I used to assume Rope was the main? Now she’s not? It’s yourself and Kari? :smile:

    Either way, I was wondering if the photoshoot files of Scarlett will ever be re-opened, or uploaded once again? I remember this site being a GREAT source for her grand and beautiful photoshoots, still don’t understand why they were removed.
    I hate looking to other sites for sources of her images considering I favor yours.
    I’m sure I’m not the only fan who thinks the same.
    A response to this comment would be greatly appreciated, thank you. :mrgreen:

  2. Holly says:

    Hi marty, yes, we are the owners. Photoshoots are available, just make sure you’re registered for the gallery. Shoots will be added as we go along. I don’t know why they were previously removed but they’ll slowly be added back.

  3. faaaeze says:

    Why u dont update the site? there is many candids of scarlett and ryan reynold that u didnt update here in this site,im an old visitor,any way!! Thanks
    XOXO ;-)

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