Jun 7th, 2010

In her first appearance on live television since her split with Jesse James, Sandra Bullock Scarlett Johansson kissed on stage at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday in Universal City, California Sandra Bullock, 45, was honored with the Generation Award.

Ms. Bullock told press, “Ryan is right- Scarlett is a great kisser,” speaking of her “Proposal” costar, and Johansson’s husband Ryan Reynolds.

“Scarlett …. I love you and we all do, but you’re a little uncomfortable … why are you here? “Bullock began.

Johansson said: “Well, since Ryan was working, I wanted to be here in place when you win the Best Kiss.”

“That is so nice,” said Bullock. “But we didn’t win.”

“Well … well … I should have won … it was a big kiss,” said Johansson.

The two approached slowly.

“It looked like a big kiss,” said Johansson.

“I was,” said Bullock. “It really was.”

Then she kissed her.

“Now that we have done, could return to normal, because the therapy is very expensive,” she said.

This is not the first time Bullock has kissed a woman on stage: She kissed Meryl Streep in the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards in January.

See the video of the kiss here*


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Posted on June 9, 2010

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