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The complete set of Mango’s 2010 Fall campaign has been added to the gallery. The ads get better and better on every new season! I hope you like the pics, because I simply adored them. Such a sophisticated look she has!

– Other Projects: Modeling: Mango > 2010 Fall Campaign

2 Comments to "Mango Fall 2010 Campaign additions"
  1. Phil In Reno says:

    These are GREAT pics. I am especially impressed by the lighting. :cool:

    :shock: But I am worried about Scarlett’s Weight. She is looking kind of skinny. Oh how I hope she does not get caught up in that “Auschwitz Re-Enactor Look” in Hollywood. :shock:

  2. Vladas says:

    …Very interesting projects…Very beauty photos…I like this….:):):)

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