Oct 20th, 2010

Scarlett attended to the Fashion Awards ‘El Botón’ by Mango today in Barcelona. She was wearing a cute MNG  black mini dress, and during the gala she had the honor to give the Golden Button Long Achievement Award to fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier. She’s also been in Spain to shoot the next Spring 2011 campaign for the brand, as she has renewed her contract.

Finally our girl showed up! First HQ pics from the Awards added to the gallery, so check them out! And let us know what you think of Scarlett’s look!

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3 Comments on “‘El Botón’ Mango Fashion Awards

  1. fd77

    She looks so weird…like some kind of cult member.

  2. Indie

    What the hell do you expect s.a.? She’s been up to her ass with the scientologists ever since she were a brat. :oops: :cry:

  3. Adam Clark

    Hope she gets her length back in time to play Natalie again.

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