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We previously reported that Scarlett was really close to signing a deal for a new movie. Well, I have the pleasure to confirm that Scarlett has signed to star in Cameron Crowe’s upcoming film We Bought a Zoo! The shooting starts this January, and we are suuuper excited! What are your first thoughts on this project? (You can read more about it here*)

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  1. Dann says:

    Hopefully this film helps to get her career back on track. For several years now, I haven’t been excited to see her new projects like I used to be; and I know it’s due to the quality of the films she’s been choosing… If you exclude Vicky Cristina, since Woody basically wrote that part for her, it’s been over four years since she’s been in a quality film (October ’06- ‘The Prestige’). I don’t expect ‘Zoo’ to be as good as that movie was, but I do hope it’s at least better than ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ or ‘The Spirit’…

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