Mar 2nd, 2011

It was a short getaway, but Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson made the most of it.

The pair left on a private jet from Van Nuys airport Tuesday morning, then were spotted having dinner in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, that night, according to sources. Early Wednesday morning, they returned to Los Angeles where Johansson is shooting the film We Bought a Zoo with Matt Damon.

On the menu during their Mexican meal? Penn, 50 and Johansson, 26, reportedly enjoyed lobster and, of course, margaritas.

Earlier this week, the twosome were seen sharing a casual lunch at the popular Los Angeles Cuban restaurant, Versailles, where Johansson had her leg draped over Penn.

On Feb. 5, the couple raised eyebrows when they stayed unusually close to each other at a party celebrating Black Swan at the L.A. hotspot Sunset Tower Hotel, then reportedly left together. “They were flirting with each other all night, pretty much ignoring everyone else,” a source told PEOPLE at the time.

Johansson’s rep told PEOPLE at the time that they the two were not dating. Neither of their reps have commented on the pair’s most recent sightings.

Johansson and Ryan Reynolds, 34, split in December after two years of marriage. In August of 2009, Robin Wright, 44, filed for divorce from Penn. The couple had been married 13 years.

source: People Magazine

7 Comments on “Scarlett & Sean Penn Take Whirlwind Trip to Mexico

  1. Arthur Paul

    I’ll use a line from Tom Cruise in the hit movie A Few Good Men in which he said “And the hits just keep on coming.” We love you Scarlett and from my own perspective I’m glad that you’re into older men!

  2. 2010 July

    oh no~ scarlett. no!!!!! :cry:

  3. Indie

    Arthur you’re such a tosser, Only an arsehole would quote a gobshite like Cruise. Not even a slapper like Scarlett would go public about actually having sex with a creep like that. :x

  4. Arthur Paul

    Indie, Thanks for setting it straight. After having submitted the comment, I wished that I hadn’t. I guess I deserve that.

  5. Indie

    We’re all fond of her, but you might find the likes of Cruise and Scarlett aren’t such benevelent individuals. I got ripped off by her friends years ago and it kind of screwed my life up a bit. Sorry if I came across a bit aggressive. :|

  6. Indie

    But here I am on her fan site anyway. messed up huh?

  7. Arthur Paul

    No, you’re just human. The line I used ” and the hits just keep on coming” wasn’t meant to offend anyone. It just reminded me of all the media attention Scarlett’s been getting since her divorce. One story after another about her with no let up and I had remembered Cruise using the line in that film which was why I said it. Next time I’ll use a better choice of words when leaving a comment and thank you for allowing me to explain it.

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