Apr 8th, 2011

Scarlett joins more than 800,000 women, men, and teens in standing with Planned Parenthood by signing an open letter to Congress and speaking out to protect women’s access to the preventive and lifesaving health services that Planned Parenthood provides.

Today Planned Parenthood posted a video to YouTube that you can see here

4 Comments on “Scarlett Johansson Stands with Planned Parenthood

  1. Arthur Paul

    I totally support Scarlett on this. I’m a veteran who had enlisted in the U.S Submarine Service a while back and would like to see our government continue its support for Planned Parenthood. Let’s take care of the people in this country first. Isn’t that what our forefathers sought.

  2. Phil In Reno

    :roll: Scarlett and I rarely see eye to eye on things politically. :shock:

    :mrgreen: But on this one she and I totally agree. 100% :grin:

  3. Emanuela

    I sent you an email :)

  4. Rope


    Hello! Please re-send it to so I can answer to it!


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