Sep 16th, 2011

Watch it here.

4 Comments on “‘We Bought a Zoo’ first trailer!

  1. Arthur Paul

    I loved the trailer. In particular, Scarlett’s beautiful smile at the end.

  2. Sybilla

    It looks really good! I’ll go and see it! :-)

  3. Kharmatos

    I used to come on here back in the day when it was owned and ran by Rikka. miss those days. anyhow, you gonna post SJ’s nudes? She’s ruined her career by doing that and don’t act like she was actually hacked. I wrote a blog post on it.
    Shame, she could’ve been one of the greatest ever had she not done the nudes.

  4. kanika

    Check out some cool info about Scarlett- a newly dedicated fansite to her!

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