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January 3, 10 | Author: | 1 Comment(s)

I recently came across some more MQ photos of Scarlett and Pete Yorn at the Paris press conference for their album Break Up which was held back in September of last year. She looks so beautiful! Gallery Links: – Public Events > Events in 2009 > ‘Break Up’ Press Conference in Paris

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Scarlett & Pete Yorn were featured on the September issue of BlackBook magazine, where they gave an interview about their Break Up album. Read it after the cut and view the new magazine pic on the gallery by clicking on it! Even when critics weren’t so kind to your first album? SJ: I’ve had plenty […]

December 8, 09 | Author: | 5 Comment(s)

Hello Scarlett world! As you know both Lisa and I were unable to update the site due to several problems, but here we are again trying to catch up with everything related to Scarlett. For now, I’ve added the new Dolce & Gabbana The One and L’Eau The One promos (Scarl looks stunning on them!), […]

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Back in September, Scarlett was in Paris promoting the release of her album with Pete Yorn,  ‘Break Up’.  I’ve added a nice selection of HQ and MQ images from the press conference. GALLERY LINKS: – Public Events: Events in 2009 >  ‘Break Up’ Press Conference in Paris

August 27, 09 | Author: | 1 Comment(s)

Back in July, I posted screencaptures and a link for the very quick glimpse of what was then thought to be the video for ‘Relator’.  We’ve since found out that is not the case as it’s a promo video shot to advertise the album.  And while it does feature some footage from the ‘Relator’ video, […]

August 17, 09 | Author: | 1 Comment(s)

New York Magazine just posted a nice interview with Scarlett and Pete Yorn about their upcoming album ‘Break Up’.  The piece also included two MQ photos from the promotional photoshoot which I have added to the gallery. One muted winter afternoon in 2006, Pete Yorn awoke from a sleeplike trance convinced that recording a duets […]

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My search for a high definition version of the video for ‘Relator’ failed so I screencapped the best one I could find.  They’ve all been added to the gallery and I will continue to look for a better quality version. GALLERY LINKS: – Singing: “Break Up” By Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson > ‘Relator’ Music […]

August 13, 09 | Author: | 13 Comment(s)

The full length video for ‘Relator’, the first single off of Scarlett’s upcoming album of duets with Pete Yorn, has debuted today at Yahoo music.  You can click here to view it or just stay on the site and view it after the cut.  I’ll be attempting to search out a better quality version before […]

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Scarlett news is really slow right now but I am working behind the scenes on a couple new treats which should be up very soon.  In the meantime, enjoy the three HQ pics from the Break Up photoshoot that have been added to the gallery.  The album is due to come out on September 15th […]