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July 16, 09 | Author: | 3 Comment(s)

Pete Yorn, courtesy his official Twitter, sent out a link to a very brief clip from the ‘Relator’ video.  Unfortunately, I can’t embed the file but I did make and add screencaptures to the gallery and you view the clip here.  Scarlett is so adorable in this!  I hope we get to see the full […]

July 11, 09 | Author: | Leave a Comment

Austin360 posted a short interview with Pete Yorn.  It’s mostly about his current album Back and Forth but he did have a comment about his upcoming album with Scarlett and he hints at a possible tour (of sorts). Is it fair to say your writing is more direct on the new songs? In the past, […]

June 9, 09 | Author: | Leave a Comment

For those of you who still enjoy collecting and listening to vinyl records, there’s a great event happening on June 20th. This just in music fans – June 20th will mark the first Vinyl Saturday, a new event from the Record Store Day people.  Like Record Store Day, Vinyl Saturday will involve a whole lot […]

June 5, 09 | Author: | Leave a Comment

The folks over at Earsucker have posted another song off of Scarlett’s upcoming album.  As you all know, the album consists of nine duets with Pete Yorn and tells the story of a relationship from beginning to end.  This new song, titled ‘Shampoo’, is track #7 so it’s near the end of the story.  I […]

May 27, 09 | Author: | 3 Comment(s)

The full track list for Scarlett and Pete Yorn’s upcoming album of duets has been released.  I don’t know about you all but I am really looking forward to hearing more from this. 1. “Relator” 2. “Wear and Tear” 3. “I Don’t Know What to Do” 4. “Search Your Heart” 5. “Blackie’s Dead” 6. “I […]

May 26, 09 | Author: | 1 Comment(s)

Scarlett and Pete Yorn’s first single from their Break Up album, ‘Relator’, is now available on iTunes, if you want you can buy it here*! Also the cover of the single has been released and it has a really cool new photo of Scarlett and Pete. I’ll be adding the bigger version of it to […]

May 22, 09 | Author: | 4 Comment(s)

A couple years before Scarlett recorded and released her debut album Anywhere I Lay My Head, she recorded several duets with singer/songwriter Pete Yorn.  The nine songs on the album chronicle a tempestuous love affair from beginning to heartbreaking ending.  An official site has been launched where you can listen to the first track, titled […]