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I came across three unseen stills of Scarlett Johansson looking lovely as Annie Braddock in The Nanny Diaries. Also, Roxana of has made their Site of the Moment. Big thanks to her! Be sure to check out this ultimate source on Scarlett’s TND co-star. GALLERY LINKS: – The Nanny Diaries > Production Stills

August 20, 07 | Author: | 1 Comment(s)

A new The Other Boleyn Girl still was published in the latest issue of Elle magazine. I’ve added it to our gallery. Credit for the pic goes out to Thanks to Titooy, I’ve replaced the rare My Brother the Pig stills with HQs. I’ve also added an old photoshoot in the gallery, outtakes from […]

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In the past few days I’ve updated the gallery with a bunch of scans and a couple of new stills from The Nanny Diaries. Thanks a lot to everyone who contributed! GALLERY LINKS: – Cosmopolitan (Sweden) – April 2007 – Thanks to Mikaela – Hoerzu (Germany) – April 2007 – Thanks to Frederik – Jolie […]

August 14, 07 | Author: | 7 Comment(s)

The Nanny Diaries was screened yesterday in New York City. Unfortunately Scarlett was not in attendance as she is currently filming in Spain. The premiere was, however, attended by co-stars Laura Linney, Alicia Keys, Donna Murphy and more. You can find pictures over at Wireimage. Kerry informed us that the official premiere of the film […]

August 8, 07 | Author: | 1 Comment(s)

Be sure to check out Yahoo! Movies for some great new videos on The Nanny Diaries, including a movie clip and a fun featurette.

July 19, 07 | Author: | 1 Comment(s)

Variety reports that The Weinstein Co. has moved up the release of The Nanny Diaries to August 24 from September 7, 2007. This is the third time the film has changed dates, but “There is nothing rotten in the state of Denmark,” Harvey Weinstein said. “We really believe in the movie and people like it.” […]

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Head over to the Seventeen website to view an exclusive movie clip from Scarlett’s next movie, The Nanny Diaries.

April 7, 07 | Author: | 7 Comment(s)

Sorry for the delay in updates. I am currently out of the country and things have been a little quiet in the Scarlett world. However, The Nanny Diaries site has finally been launched and it features a bunch of new stills. I’ve added them to the gallery.

March 29, 07 | Author: | 6 Comment(s)

According to Variety, The Nanny Diaries has been pushed back from its April release to September 7. It will see its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival in Italy, like many of Scarlett’s previous films. Harvey and Bob Weinstein are moving their chick lit adaptation The Nanny Diaries to Sept. 7 from its planned […]