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Our previous DVD caps of Scarlett as Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow in Joss Whedon’s The Avengers from 2012 have been replaced with over 800 new 1080p Bluy-Ray screen captures. I will be replacing all the Bonus Features as well as added some new ones very soon. So enjoy these! GALLERY LINKS: – Movie Productions […]

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Marvel Studios has pioneered and broken box-office records around the world, creating a cinematic universe unlike any other in pop culture history through its blockbuster films. Beginning with “Iron Man” in 2008 and continuing today through “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”on ABC and the theatrical release of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”this April, the Marvel Cinematic […]

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Thanks to Claudia, I was able to add the DVD extra’s from “The Avengers” to the gallery. You can check them out by following the links below.                            Gallery Links:   – The Avengers (2012) > DVD Extra’s: Deleted Scenes (1) – The Avengers (2012) > DVD Extra’s: Deleted Scenes (2) – The Avengers (2012) > DVD Extra’s: Deleted Scenes […]

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Thanks to my dear dear friend Claudia, I was able to add Bluray captures of Scarlett in “The Avengers”. Make sure you’ll give her sites Precious Stone, Bittersweet and Radiantly  a visit!                   Gallery Links: – Movie Productions > The Avengers > DVD Screencaptures (BluRay)

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She will soon have three superhero movies under her belt so it’s no wonder film producers are keen to get her experience on board for a fourth. Scarlett Johansson has reportedly been offered £13million to star in the sequel to Avengers Assemble. The monumental fee will make the 27-year-old the highest paid female actor of […]

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Hi, my name is Aniek and I will be helping out Camilla with Scarlett Fan! I added a few scans of Scarlett in the Italian magazine “Chi”.         Gallery Link: >> Scans from 2012 > Chi (Italy) – April 2012

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She’s a part of the star-studded “Avengers” cast that boasts one of the biggest box office money makers ever to grace the big screen, so it seems fitting to find Scarlett Johansson featured in the July 2012 issue of Total Film magazine. The 27-year-old actress showed off her gorgeous smile in article beginning shot while […]

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Scarlett and most of ‘The Avengers’ stars are now in the middle of the European Promo Tour for the movie! They will appear tomorrow in Rome (Italy), but they’ve already premiered the movie in some countries in Europe, as well as the World Premiere in LA last week. A bunch of new pictures can be […]

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Fans have been waiting to see “Marvel’s The Avengers” for years. Whether you’re a geek or you got into comic book-based films back in the “Iron Man” days, this is a big one. Geek god Joss Whedon is directing and the cast is full of stars, from Robert Downey Jr. to Chris Hemsworth to Scarlett […]