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December 14, 11 | Author: | 1 Comment(s)

Hello Everyone! I’m so sorry for the lack of updates but I’ve been out of the city for a lot of days. I’m back home now and I will try to update everything! Let’s start with the magazines. Scarlett graces the cover of several international publications, such as Marie Claire and Cosmpolitan. You can find […]

November 30, 11 | Author: | Leave a Comment

Scarlett continues in Scotland filming ‘Under the Skin’. I’ve added the latest candids of her on set (also from her birhtday!): GALLERY LINKS: – Movies: Under The Skin: On The Set > November 9, 2011 – Movies: Under The Skin: On The Set > November 22, 2011 – Movies: Under The Skin: On The Set […]

November 29, 11 | Author: | 1 Comment(s)

You can read the great article ‘Scarlett Gives a Damn’, interviewed by Ariana Huffington for Interview Magazine on the previous post. I’ve added the photoshoot outtakes to the gallery (Scarlett looks fierce!) and please if anyone could contribute with the scans it would be amazing! Also I would like to make a special mention to […]

November 22, 11 | Author: | 7 Comment(s)

Scarlett turns 27 years old today so happy birthday to our girl (and to her twin brother Hunter)! Professionally, it’s been a really great year for her, we’re going to see her on the movies three times between this year and 2012! That’s great!.The only bad thing is her divorce from Ryan Reynolds, but now […]

November 5, 11 | Author: | Leave a Comment

Scarlett has been filming ‘Under The Skin’ these days in some different locations in Scotland. I’ve added 40+ pics from October 31, November 1 and Novermber 3 to the gallery. GALLERY LINKS: – Movies: Under The Skin: On The Set > October 31, 2011 – Movies: Under The Skin: On The Set > November 1, […]

November 4, 11 | Author: | Leave a Comment

The first poster featuring Scarlett’s character – Kelly – is out! Also there’s a new international trailer in which Scarl appears much more than in the previous one has been released. You can view it here*. And as always, click on the pic to enter the gallery.

October 25, 11 | Author: | Leave a Comment

Scarlett was photographed today in Glasgow (Scotland) on the first day on set of her upcoming project ‘Under The Skin’. She’s wearing a black short hair wig! Such a a different look from what we’re used to! She recently talked about her character: “In a few weeks I will be shooting in Scotland a sci-fi […]

October 22, 11 | Author: | 3 Comment(s)

Scarlett covers last week’s edition of spanish magazine S Moda. Photographed during her trip to Milan to attend Dolce & Gabbana’s fashion show, Scarl looked so glamorous and sexy! There are some new photos and a new interview, unfortunately for some of you it’s in spanish but I translated some of the most interesting quotes: […]

October 12, 11 | Author: | 2 Comment(s)

‘The Beauty Book’ is a hard cover coffee table book with images of your favorite celebrities, musicians and top models. All the monies raised, will go directly to Brain Cancer via two charities called Snog & Headrush. These charitable organizations are non- profit and both rely on donations for research. Its photographer and exec. producer […]