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Lost In Translation
Karaoke Scene – Scarlett singing Brass In Pocket (MP3, 3.89 MB)

The Dive From Clausen’s Pier
Tape 1, side A+B (Zip & MP3, 23 mb)
Tape 2, side A+B (Zip & MP3, 23 mb)
Tape 3, side A+B (Zip & MP3, 23 mb)

The Horse Whisperer
“Who’s ever gonna let me want me like this?” (MP3, 2.87 MB)
Grace talks about the accident and “what happened that night” (MP3, 3.61 MB)

David Letterman Show, 1998
“I call him Booey.” (about Robert Redford)
“That’s debatable, but you know.”
“Yeah, I guess, you know, in Scarlett years it’s a while.”

Rosie O’Donnell Show, 1998
“I used to tell my mom I had a fire in my brain to act when I was three.”

VH1 Interview, 1998
Scarlett talks about riding.

Scarlett’s on Barack Obama (2008).