Scarlett Johansson as Kathy Caldwell
Directed by Kathy Caldwell
Written by Erik Fleming
Release Year 1999
Genre Comedy
MPAA Rating PG

Kathy Cauldwell is 14 and totally unhappy with her life. She thinks her parents are just embarassing, she doesn’t understand why she has still a nanny and is forced to live with the pig-like creature that her parents call George. In her phantasy she writes Jean-Jaques, a French boy from the Internet, who comes to rescue her. But life goes on and Kathy still ‘suffers’ from the ‘little’ jokes her 8-year old Brother plays on her. The parents now leave for France for 2 weeks to make ‘bicycle-holidays’ and to ‘see places that most tourists never get the chance to see’ (as it’s written in the prospect). During that time Matilda, the Mexican nanny, is in charge. She always smiles and is always friendly which drives Kathy crazy.
George and Freud, his best friend, had made a ‘frozen thing’ soon before the parents left. They took everything they could find in the kitchen and mixed it and put it in the freezer. Now, about 10 days later, Matilda finds it. George is very happy, he’s forgotten it already, and calls Freud, he should come over A.S.A.P. Kathy doesn’t want to see her brother so she sends him to Matildas room, the only room George hasn’t damaged yet. First he doesn’t want to go, but then he’s too curious and he enters together with the ‘frozen thing’. He finds a little chest with figures of animals made of stone. Next to that lies a book that is merged with leather. He opens it and is so fascinated by its content that he doesn’t notice how his ‘frozen thing’ begins to melt and drops on the figures. Somehow magic begins to work and when the ‘frozen thing’ falls into the chest and he wants to grab it it doesn’t take long and George is a pig.
Matilda is gardening outside and gets suddenly a cold shiver. She enters the house and finds as well as Kathy and Freud a pig. But where is George. While Freud looks for him in the house, Matilda goes to her room, where there is still smoke. Soon after that the answer is clear: George is the pig, the pig is George. First, Kathy doesn’t want to believe it, but when she tells the pig to get George’s favorite thing from his room and it does it, she’s also convinced. Now there is the question: How does George become normal again before the parents get back? The only person who’s maybe able to do that, Matilda’s grandmother, lives in a small village in Mexico and has no phone. So the three leave together with George, the pig, for Mexico.
When they arrive there, quite a few things happen: Kathy yells at Matilda and her grandmother and leaves, Freud searchs her together with ‘George’ while Matilda gets the ingredients for the magic soup that should bring George back. It’s evening and George hasn’t found Kathy yet, she’s found new friends and is at their house. Suddenly ‘George’ begins to run, Freud follows him, but his track ends in front of the local butcher’s shop (the butcher itself is very mean). Next night is full mond, the only time when George can be brought back, until then he must be rescued. Will they all be home in a normal state until the parents come home?

The film is quite funny but definitely a children film. It also is a little exaggerated.

Scarlett Johansson’s Role

Scarlett Johansson has in this little known film the starring role as Kathy. She’s quite impudent and thinks she has a lot of ‘melodrama’. But now that her brother has been turned into a pig, she realises for the first time, what’s important for her and also learns to appreciate other things. Scarlett is of course great and as main character she’s in a lot of scenes. But as the film is exaggerated her character is a little too hysteric. Anyway, this is the only film between The Horse Whisperer and Ghost World.

Other Cast

… Nick Fuoco
… Judge Reinhold
… Romy Windsor
… Eva Mendes
… Alex D. Linz

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