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Scarlett Johansson as Purslane “Pursy” Hominy Will
Directed by Shainee Gabel
Written by Ronald Everett Capps (novel), Shainee Gabel (screenplay)
Release Date December 29, 2004
Genre Drama
MPAA Rating R

A group of six high school students band together and develop a plan to heist the SAT exam in order to prevent the test from unfairly defining who they’ll become. Each in the group has their own set of circumstances that leads them to one conclusion–the only way to truly decide their fate is to cheat the system. The unofficial leader of the group is Kyle, an aspiring architect who dreams of attending an Ivy League school, but repeatedly scores below what is required for acceptance. He develops the plan with his best friend Matty, whose low SAT scores result in a rejection from Maryland University, where his girlfriend attends. Anna, who desires to meet her parents’ standard of excellence, but is badly in need of some excitement, joins in and brings Desmond into the fold. Desmond is the star basketball player, who at the urging of his mother, decides to forgo the NBA for college, and needs to pass the SAT to get in. Providing the access inside the local education testing headquarters is Francesca, an anti-establishment girl, who joins in the scheme for kicks. Completing the group is Roy, a loner who wants in on the action after accidentally overhearing the plan. Although the kids seemingly share nothing in common, they band together and while getting to know each other, discover themselves in the process.

Scarlett Johansson’s Role

Scarlett Johansson plays the sassy and incredibly smart Francesca Curtis. She comes from a very rich family but is deeply unhappy. She decides to help out in stealing the answers, perhaps to rebel or maybe just to make some friends.

Other Cast

… Erika Christensen
… Chris Evans
… Bryan Greenberg
… Darius Miles

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Trivia & Facts

• It is impossible to actually steal a copy of the SAT’s because there are several versions. Everyone who takes it has different questions or the questions are in a different order.

Quotes: Scarlett Johansson

• “One of the questions asked is how can a test grade a person’s determination? I mean, a bad score on the SAT can actually overshadow someone’s drive. And besides the SAT question, the film brings up the issue of transitioning from a child to an adult, and learning to be true to yourself.”
(on the film)

• “The script was one of the first I’ve read about teenagers in which the lingo, the situation and the relationships between the kids is authentic and not some middle-aged person’s version of what’s supposed to be cool. At the time I read it, I was 17, so I was looking at it through a 17-year-old’s eyes, and it seemed very real to me.”

Quotes: Her Character

• “You look like a slut. I like it.”

• “Hey, was the feeling anywhere near your crotch?”

• “Ok, I’ll go first. I’m here to make new friends. Oh, and for the wine.”

• “Just because they keep getting younger doesn’t mean you will.”

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