Greetings fellow Scarlett fans! We’re Aniek and Isabelle, the new webmisses here at Scarlett-Fan.com. We realize that SF has had several different owners in the past, but we’re determined to continue on with this site and help it maintain its a-list status. We want to make sure all fans have an in-depth, complete and FUN resource for our Scarlett!

Rope will still remain apart of the site, since she is a great member of the team.

Hello Everyone! I’m Rope and I’m glad to announce that I will be co-webmistress with Lisa from today! I’m also a long time fan of Scarlett and I’ve been following her career since I saw her in Girl With a Pearl Earring. I will do my best to keep both Scarlett-Fan and Scarlett-Photos updated, and I hope you like my job and of course Jess’s!


I wish to say special thank you’s to the following people for their help and kindness.

Riikka – For creating such a wonderful site
Mycah – Because she rocks
Sana – The style pages contributor
Mariana – Helper
Maria – Site founder, 2001-2005, and regular contributor
Mel – Site founder, 2003-2006
Fan-sites.org - Our helpful host
Melonika, Sana and ScarlettSkies – The mighty forum mod squad
JuanKi – For lots of video contributions
• All of the donors
Lisa, Roberto, rope, roseofstone, Kharmatos, all of the forum members and everyone else who have contributed and said nice things. I really appreciate it!
• All the previous webmisses – Camilla, Jess, Riikka, Lisa, Holly, Mel, Maria (founder).